Where home away from home

H i s t o r y



is taken from 2 words of Japanese Kanji


M A (真)and Y A (家)

M A means True, Honest, Genuine, Pure

Y A means Shop, House, Home 



”The True Home"



P h i l o s o p h y


A country of Sun Rises

Blesses with great nature such as four distinctive seasons, which gives us variety of food, Cultures and Colors life.

Japanese hospitality "OMOTENASHI" is the word usually describe Japanese way of welcoming and treating people one's own house, shop or even country


Colors and Cultures

Japan has a lot of festivals through out the year, all over the country. Which is colorful, presents local cultures in region.


with those amazing things then....

M A Y A  brings Japan for you 


In the name of GOD, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Thank to Almighty God who has given His favor to the author for completing our big dream into "Dream’s proposal". The author likewise wish to express his profound and earnest appreciation for the individuals who gave us great support and big help during the process of completing, and now We are able to place all our big dreams into “Dream’s proposal” MAYA Collection Hotels & Resorts

F o u n d e r


SINCE I started my hotel career and being a hotel concierge, I found the real happiness by making people happy.

Nothing can be so much happy when you see people happy because you made them happy.

Travelled around the world, met new people, lived in new places, learned people's culture then from those experiences I began understand that life is so much beautiful.

I used to lived everywhere from the hidden places to the metropolitan cities, from middle of Indian ocean to the middle of nowhere in the beautiful sand dune of Abu Dhabi, from very safe city to the middle of the WAR border between Iraq and Turkey.

I did all those things because I love what I do.

Hospitality Industry is the most exciting field to work, where you can meet a lot of people from all over the world, being happy everyday by giving your best smile to people and assisting to make their day beautiful one beyond expectation.

Then dramatic changes of my life turns up, the second chapter of my life began.

Married to Japanese, moved to Japan and settling down to continue journey to make people happy.

Being in Japan for almost 2 years and found so much interesting of japanese people and culture, then decided to bring this wonderful culture to the world and accelerate it with the most famous of Japanese hospitality "OMOTENASHI"

Andreas ADORJAN is a Founder

Japan, January 2, 2019 

"The most happiness is when you made people happy - Nothing that can be so much happy when you see people happy because you made them happy" 





MandA is couple who dreamed to have happiness by making people happy, both of them are having more than 15 years worked in hospitality industry located Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Japan, Middle east Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kurdistan, Doha Qatar and Seychelles, Mari and Andreas used to be member of the most prestigious world concierge association Les Clefs d'Or UICH and both of them used to role as Public Relations & International Delegates in region. 

MandA offers selection of places to experience such hotels, restaurants, sightseeing tours, limousine service, helicopter rides, private jets and a lot more, from authentic places to the most luxurious things to do. 

We provide service to enhance the need of our value clients. We personalized their requirements with the most convenience ways. 

This is our commitment to make our client's experience memorable one beyond expectation.

M a n d A D R E A M S 

Mari and Andreas 

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MAYA brings Japan for you

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